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Become a Cinelounge® member today at our Shark level and upon our Grand Opening receive 96 hour priority access for you and a guest to be the first to reserve your favorite seats for all the major blockbusters! After your free tickets, your price per ticket becomes a reduced $10 for every general screening.  Also receive Invitations to attend our weekly members-only screenings and special events.
Shark Members (2) guests per screening/event.

Limited number of memberships available.

Shark members receive access to our private Cinelounge® Lagoon Room and receive 50% reduced rates for private watch party events. 

Get (10) free tickets and a complimentary Cinelounge® Popcorn sampler at signup! 

Shark level unlocks (5) unique, limited opportunities only available to Cinelounge® Tiburon members.

A. Name Plaque in Poster Case in Lobby 
B. Name Inclusion On-Screen before every film. 
C. Name Engraved On Cinelounge® Seat
D. Your Own Designer Bag Cinelounge® Popcorn
E. Cinelounge® Food Item Named After You 

Inquire with Administration for further details.

This membership is auto-renewed monthly.

Every dollar spent on tickets and concessions will earn you Cinelounge® Rewards. 10 points. 1 point = 10 cents, so a $10.00 ticket will earn you 100 points, worth $1.00. Points are redeemable for all candies, drinks, and merchandise, including alcohol.


Just $124 A Month
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