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This tier is for a Family or Group of (4)

Become a Cinelounge® member today at our Film Flock of Seagulls level and upon our Grand Opening receive 96 hour priority access for you, your family and friends to be the first to reserve your favorite seats for all the major blockbusters! After your free tickets, your price per ticket becomes a reduced $10 for every general screening.  Maximum (4) guests per screening/event. Also receive Invitations to attend our weekly Members Only screenings & special events.  Great membership level for a family or group of friends. 

Limited number of memberships available.

Film Flock of Seagulls members will receive access to our private Cinelounge® Lagoon Room and receive 50% reduced rates for private watch parties and events. 

Get (10) free tickets and a complimentary Cinelounge® Popcorn sampler at signup! 

Film Flock of Seagulls level unlocks (5) unique, limited opportunities only available to Cinelounge® Tiburon members.

A. Name Plaque in Poster Case in Lobby 
B. Name Inclusion On-Screen before every film. 
C. Name Engraved On Cinelounge® Seat
D. Your Own Designer Bag Cinelounge® Popcorn
E. Cinelounge® Food Item Named After You 

Inquire with Administration for further details.

This membership is auto-renewed monthly.

Every dollar spent on tickets and concessions will earn you Cinelounge® Rewards at 10 points. 1 point = 10 cents, so a $10.00 ticket will earn you 100 points, worth $1.00. Points are redeemable for all candies, drinks, and merchandise, including alcohol.


JOIN FOR $209.99 per Month
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