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The Caterpillar

A Film By Camilla Meoli

The Caterpillar
Lew Temple as Amos
Amira Dahan as Arnette
Christian Meoli as The Caterpillar
Amira Dahan as Arnette

During a trip to the cinema, a woman has trouble figuring out where the film begins and ends.


Director Bio

Hailing from Australia, Camilla Meoli makes her directorial debut with The Caterpillar.
Her extensive experience in the industry as an actress and producer has given her a unique perspective on the art of filmmaking, which she has further developed through her work as a film journalist. Camilla has interviewed esteemed genre directors from the eighties and nineties, and this experience has only increased her respect and admiration for the creative process.
Currently serving as Creative Director of Cinelounge (Movie theaters) in the US, Camilla is committed to pursuing her passion for filmmaking and has several feature projects in development.

Director Statement
I have always loved the idea that we live multiple lives during our time on earth and I wanted to explore that through a character who is at a critical juncture in her life.
At its core, The Caterpillar plays on classic themes of sin and redemption, with our protagonist seeking freedom from the psychological bondage of past actions and behaviors.
This is a very broad-stroke description, as I want the audience to come to their own conclusions. One of my favorite things about seeing a film is the discussion afterward - particularly when a film is not presented in a linear and straightforward way. My experience in cinema exhibition has also inspired me to riddle the film with cinema metaphors. How much of the film is figurative I won't divulge, but my aim is to create a thoughtful piece that strays from the conventional route of storytelling.

Camilla Meoli
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